Children and Teens

We welcome your children. We want them to have a good time and we want to be safe at all times. We hope that this event will be something they remember fondly and look forward to attending each year. With that in mind, we have put certain standards in place and you can visit our Waivers page to fill the forms now to present at the gate. Children under 4 free admition

1. We require that a parent or guardian accompany children under age 3.

2. Children ages 3 through 7 may participate in activities in our Kids'Area. In this area, we have separate stations set up for coloring, clay,finger painting, arts and crafts. The children are encouraged to find the activities that interest them. Adults guide the younger ones. All these activities are geared for children within this age group. We also have play periods outside. We do not change diapers; so all children must be potty trained.

3. Children 7 through 11 have actual workshops that will interest them. These include, making candles, kites, musical instruments, masks and other arts and crafts. We also have hikes and other outdoor activities.

4. We will have outside water activities for your children, send sunscreen and an extra change of clothes.

5. You must sign your child into and out of our care. There will be paperwork to fill out pertaining to your child's needs.

6. Do not send your child to the activities building alone or the Security Thugs will hunt you down.

7. You will be asked who else can collect your child from our care when you fill out the paperwork. Do not send anyone whose name is not on the list to collect your child, your child will not be released. Please understand this is for the safety if your child.

8. The Children's Activities coordinator is a member of our staff. Please ask your child to be polite and cooperative. We do not have to provide children's activities we do this as a service to you. If your child is uncooperative he/she will be returned to you.

9. The children will be given lunch in the Children's cabin, you are welcome to join your child or take your child to lunch.

10. Please collect your child promptly at the end of the day.

11. You must volunteer 1hour and 15 minnutes in the Children's Activities area for each child that you bring.

12. You must sign up for volunteer time when you bring your child and sign him/her into care. 

13. Explain to your child that he/she MUST remain in care until you come for them.

14. We do not administer medicine; please give you child his/her medication before you bring your child to us. If your child needs a dose of medicine while in our care, please come and administer it to your child at the proper time.

15. Please bring a large T-shirt for your child to wear for messy activities.

16. If your child is young, please bring a pillow and blanket for naptime.

17. Bring a swim suit and a towel for your child.

18. All children under the age of 12 must be in care or in the company of a parent or guardian. If any children are found wandering, they will be sold to the highest bidder.

19. Children 12 and older may attend classes with a parent. They are expected to behave as adults.

20. If you send your child to Children's Activities with a walkie-talkie, please understand that the item will be turned off and placed in a closet, only to be used if your child has an emergency.

A special word about children 3-7 years old

We be using the time-out chair for the 3 - 7 years olds this year. You child will be warned to stop his/her unacceptable behavior and then will sit in the chair for several minutes. If you want to opt out of this then parents will be asked to come and get their child if there is a problem.

A special word about tweens and teenagers

There is a special gathering place for teens (and tweens) and activities for them. This year we are offering a warrior workshops and a belly-dancing workshops. These workshops include making foam swords, sword forms, belly-dancing routines, costume construction and meditations. On Saturday they will show what they have learned in performances in the ritual field.

For teens and tweens that are not interested in the workshops designed for them, they are encouraged to bring games and cards that they would like to share with others. They may also attend any workshops they desire. There will be a hot dog and s'mores roast each evening of the festival; we encourage your t(w)een to attend. They are also welcome at the adult bonfire, drumming circle, and the guedra but they must be in the company of a parent or other responsible adults. Teen curfew is midnight.



Franklin Gattis aka Faenor Firemind - Has been learning to use weapons since he was a teen-ager as a page to Sir Starhelm Warlock in the Society for Creative Anachronisms and has fought for years in the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society.

This workshop includes not just hitting each other with sticks but doing so in a safe manner while not putting an eye out. Kids of all ages love this workshop.


Laurie Bowen - Seasoned Cub Scout leader who9 rangles our 8 - 12 years olds will be teaching them how to build an outdoor oven, create a wand and fashion a broom.





Cat Jones who has taken care of our Tweens & Teens for many will years will be leading them in a meditation by the lake.






Lisa Illenberg, who for some reason has consented to be in charge of the Teens and Tweens again this year, will supervise and assist the Tweens & Teens who will be making athames with the our blacksmith this year.





Devon Baker a veteran of many years in child care, teacher at the Bellevue UU, who is working on her early childhood development will be leading the 3 - 7 year olds in making wands this year.






Rachel - has been a part of the PUF community for a little over 10 years and has practiced paganism since she's been a patron. She will be practicing her storytelling to be a part of the Wayist Druidic community"

Harry Potter Storytime
Come on in! Sit for a story! Bring your wands and broomsticks and listen to A Wizarding Classic From The World Of Harry Potter... The Tales of Beetle The Bard by J.K Rowling It is a collection of stories written for young wizards and witches. They have been popular bedtime reading for centuries, with the reult that the Hopping Pot and the Fountain of Fair Fortune are as familiar to many of the students at Hogwarts as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are to Muggle (non-magical) chilren. The Fountain of Fair Fortune Babbity Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump The Tale of the Three Brothers story told by one of our staff members, Rachel