Spiral Rhythm - Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for almost two decades. Their unique sound includes multi-textured chants and explosive drums. Their goal is to raise the spirit through voice and song.

Louis Garou - An American singer/Songwriter. His genre has evolved into a Dark Americana.

The Secret Commonwealth - The best way to sum up The Secret Commonwealth is to think of it as a party that became a band! Members: Rob Campbell, Troy Guinn, Uncle Don Clark, Franko Hashiguchi, Vicky Plant.

Gold Rock Johnson Band - Gold Rock Johnson features Shawn Illenberg, Evan Dunne, Jacob Harrel, and Eli Fowler, Gold Rock Johnson is a sweet rock and roll band, born from the mouth of hell. Influences include Pearl Jam and Snoop Dogg. Their mixture of heavy alternative, psychedelic and southern jam rock is certain to rustle your knickers.