~Click the link for exclusive PUF gear?
This store will be open long after the party has ended!

Most common question:

~Are meals included in the ticket price?

Yes. Thursday - lunch and dinner
Friday - breakfast, lunch and dinner
Saturday - breakfast, lunch and dinnre
Sunday - breakfast
*However we do ask that you bring your own non disposable feast gear. If you happen to forget your gear, no worries. we have some for sale at our PUF info booth for $5.

PUF Menu 2018
Breakfast - eggs, biscuits, gravy, bagels, toaster waffles, cereal, Nutella, oatmeal, grits, toast, jelly, coffee, fruit, and OJ.

Lunch- egg, tuna & chicken salad, soup, fruit, pasta salad, chips, cookies, pickles, and tea.

Thurs dinner - chicken and rice soup, potato soup, veggie soup, beef stew, dirty rice, cheese, bread, salad, pasta salad, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, and tea.

Friday dinner - taco bar with all the trimmings, tortilla soup, salad, pasta salad, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, and tea.

Saturday dinner - ham, chicken, green beans, corn, carrots, soups, baked beans, vegetarian meatloaf, baked spaghetti, Mac and Cheese, salad, pasta salad, banana pudding, chocolate pudding, fruit pies, rolls, cheese, tea

We also have Mac& cheese and hotdogs for the kids who want them

~ Do you sell drinks and ice?
Yes we sell drinks and ice but suggest that you brings snacks for yourself.

~ Are pre-reservations really necessary?

Yes. If you want to sleep under a roof, then yes, you will have to pre-reserve. If you are tenting or daytripping then no.

~ Can I pay by check at the gate?

No. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept cash or credit cards at the gate. Please note that merchants will not accept checks either. Also there will be an upcharge for paying at the gate.

~ Will my tickets be mailed to me?

No. If you pay by Paypal, your Paypal confirmation is your receipt. When you pay via PayPal you are added to our registration database. You will simply give your name at the gate. Each group or sets of registrations is kept under the name attached to the Paypal account. If you pay by Paypal, by phone, mail or in person, we will send you an email confirmation.

~ Can I mail in payment for my reservations?

Yes! You may send check or money order to:
Pagan Unity Festival c/o The Goddess and The Moon
640 Spence LN #120 Nashville TN 37217.

~ We want to share a cabin with our friends. Can we pay for our reservations separately and still get the same cabin?

Yes. You must both prepay to be placed together. Just indicate the name of the friend and we will assign you together. Make sure the friend also puts your name in the email they send to us.

~ I am coming to the festival alone, can I still get a cabin?

Yes. We have cabins set aside for single attendees to share with others that are attending alone.

~ What do I need to bring with me?

We have provided a packing list, scroll down and check it out.

~ Can I stay in Burns or Dickson and attend the festival daily or do I have to stay at the festival site?

You may certainly stay offsite. There is a hotel and modern cabins at the park. There is a link on our website that will take you to the park. There are also hotels off the park grounds.

There is a hotel on site 'The Inn at Montgomery Bell'. Space is limited so if you are unable to get a reservation at the inn there other hotels near the PUF site?

We are reserving a block of rooms reserved for PUF attendies please contact the park with this special code number ____________

~ Can I bring medication that requires refrigeration?

Yes. Please make sure it is labeled with your name and bring it to the back door of the kitchen. When you need it, come to the back door and request it.

~ Can you accommodate special food needs?

No. While many of the dishes we serve are vegetarian and the ingredients are clearly labeled, if you have special health concerns such as allergies we ask that you bring your own food.

~ Can I get married at PUF or have another ceremony?

Yes. The fee for the space, the cake, the facilitator, an announcement in the program, a private cabin and special seats at feast is $350. You may also have a ceremony on site for which you are completely responsible for all the aspects, you simply need to ask where to hold your ceremony.

~ Can I bring my pet to PUF?

No.We only allow service animals on site. We ask that you make your reservations early and let the staff know that you will be bringing a service animal please

~ Can we build a fire?

NO! There are no fires allowed on the site except the designated fire pit areas.
There is a $200 fine imposed by the park for violations. If you build a fire you will be responsible for the fine.

~ Can I get a refund if necessary?

Yes. You can apply for a refund 30 days prior to the festival Date, after that, we are unable to refund. This includes refunds due to severe weather, festival cancelation, or other acts of the gods or goddesses.

~Should I call Montgomery Bell State Park for information?

NO! We are in Group Camp #1of the park. Please do not contact the Inn or the park, if you have questions contact us.

~ Is there electricity in the cabins?

Yes, but the system will not carry heaters or a lot of electical items.

~How many bunks in each cabin?

The majority of the cabins have 4 bunks, there are very few 2 bunk cabins. If a 2 bunk cabin is your desire, you need to book your reservations early.



You don't have to bring it all, just enough to
be comfortable in the great outdoors!

Air Mattress
Antibacterial Towelettes
Banner (To identity your group)
Battery Operated Lanterns
Bug Spray
Business Cards
Camp Chair
Candles (flamless please)
Comb and or brush
Deodorant (PLEASE)
Even more drinks (hydrate hippies!)
Fan, Feast Gear (Non-disposible, silverware, cups, plates)
FM Radios
Food (For your own personal use)
Grill (to cook your own food)
Glasses (Prescription and sun)
Good Attitude
Hand and body lotion
Ice chest
Knap Sack
Lip balm

Lunch stuff
Musical instruments
Outdoor state of mind
Personal Necessities (towels, soap, shampoo, medication, in short everything you need to be comfortable)
Rain Gear
Ritual Gear
Sanitizing hand gel
Service animals ONLY
Shampoo and conditioner
Toothbrush ~ toothpaste, mouthwash
Yellow submarine
Zest for life!

Our Mission ~ by Jill Fazio

Our mission at Pagan Unity Festival is simple.
To enrich, enlighten and enjoy.
To that end, we live with these pillars of wisdom:

Respect yourself: Everyone likes to have a good time, but keep it clean and modest when in public spaces. This is a family site, even when the sun goes down. Please be appropriate in dress, chivalrous in nature, and as kind to your future self as possible. Think ahead!

Respect each other: Understand that everyone is here for their own experience, and not just to add to yours. This means respect everyone's physical, emotional and spiritual space. If you disagree with another person, allow that and move on. We are generating a spiraled and convoluted web of many different threads, not all of them will be ones you need to connect to personally.

Respect the site: We do not own this space, and we must relate to it with gentle hands and feet. This is not only so we are able to come back, but also because we are enjoying this patch of the earth together, and so we are all responsible. If you see trash or other items on the ground, pick them up and dispose/recycle at the nearest container.