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Pagan Unity Festival is a privately owed event.
We reserve the right to deny admittance
in order to keep the Unity in Pagan Unity Festival.

PUF General Store
All the items you forgot to bring: soap, toothbrush, shaving creme, batteries, ice, deodorant, socks, feminine hygiene products, sunscreen, bug spray, condoms, feast gear and more!

Beloved Viking Vinyl
is a Heathen/Viking based sticker company. BVV sells viking based stickers, hand worked leather products, and pagan jewelry handmade. Look for the Viking A-Frame tent when visiting PUF! Bumper stickers, wall quotes, or alter crafts!

The Fairy Odd Mother
Where Fairy meets Shaman, Elf's meet Wizards, where all Magickal things can be found from every realm and imagination.

Baubles and Balms
Skin-and-soul-loving soaps and other crafts made with care and intention.

Unleash the Goddess
Coloring Books, Prints, Kutie Pie Art, Jewelry & Clothing

Anne's Gifts
tie dye - fun, functional fashion

Earth Elements
offers a wide variety of products, such as herbs, healing stones, natural teas and essential oils. We also offer handcrafted gemstone jewelry and bath and body products. Clothing that encompasses the Goddess in all women. Also custom capes, cloaks, ritual robes, and clothing for Men in Titan size.
Higher Vibes Jewelry
is hand-smithed sterling silver and fine silver jewelry set with healing stones. Stephanie Powers is a silver smith and PMC specialist. She is in tune with the stones and crystals and works with their energy to create each piece uniquely to each stone. She does commissioned pieces as well specifically for your personal healing.
Rain's Obsessive Stitchery
An eclectic store of luxurious and practical treasures, too many to list. Passionate about custom work, Rain is a Nashville artist, crafter and curator of pagan, tarot and goddess inspired goods and gifts for everyone.
Gretchen's Apothecary
Created out of my love and passion for Essential oils & Aromatherapy, my hope is that my passion for my products is passed along to anyone that uses them. I make Beard Oils, Inhalers & 4oz Custom Essential Oil Blend Sprays. I accept Cash & Credit Cards.

Purple Witches Emporium  
"Supplies for the Craft" We have different and unique items that you may not see anywhere else, This Crones Cottage is owned and operated by Teresa St.James...Wise woman, healer, Psychic/Medium and White Witch. All of our products are made by "The Witches" of This Crones Cottage. Stop by our cute little witchy hut, have a cuppa Tea and take home something unique.

Wolfs Moon Forge
is a small blacksmith shop located on the edge of South Mountain state park. Its main focus is hand forged iron work and converting every day items into art. It also focuses on self sufficient living, home steading, and personal independence. We make everything from colonial candlestick holders to Medieval arms and armor. We are happy to do custom work as well. On site we have a metal and fabrication shop, small farm, an old world blacksmith shop, bee hives, garden, and much more.“
We have a rock vendor!
Rick's Rocks ~ Stop by Rick's for Crystals, Rocks, Bracelets & more! Support a local Rock Dude.

Old ways jewelry
is a vagabond shop making and customizing to fit in general purposes and magical purposes. Also having wands, walking sticks, and other unique items

Steam and Lace
is a Steampunk inspired shop. They offer Steampunk and upcycled creations. They have everything from jewelry to clothing. Whatever their muses inspire them to make!

Mystic Realm
Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the unique culture and practices of Witchcraft, Pagan, and all Universal and Earth-based spiritual paths. Sharing all things Wytchy.

Atalantia Moonfire
All Paths of Spirituality - Wood-burning, Candles, Soaps & Bath Salts, Oils, Jewelry & Pendants, Charms, Tokens, & other Magickal Charms, Tarot Reading


Deb's Artesian Breads
20 years of experience with White,Rye, Sourdough Breads and Bowls. Tasty Pineapple Coconut & Banana Bread and Savory Jams. From Crossplains Tennessee

Spiral Fae Accents
is the combined magic of husband and wife team Mitch and Amber Shineman. Together they create a variety of handcrafted leather goods, gemstone jewelry, original wall art. and whatever else the Muse demands! You may sometimes find fair trade import clothing from Thailand and collaborations with fellow artists in their space as well. Its always a surprise!

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Rhythm Healer Drums
offers Ashiko and medium size Djembe drums from Ghana West Africa. All the Ashikos are made by hand and custom tailored to fit your needs. The color of the stain, rope, size, type of drum head, and fabric around the rings can be chosen ahead of time to create your perfect drum. The Djembes are made in Ghana and each have a unique, rich voice that is sure to excite your ears! Stop by the Rhythm Healer Drums booth and try out a drum or two to find the right fit for you and play it that night at the Drum Circle!












If You Are Intertested in Being a Vendor for Pagan Unity Festival,
please follow this link for more information!